Adelina Silva


My name is Adelina Silva, and I'm from Portugal. I'm a PhD Student (Anthropology) and also a teacher. I teach in a secretarial course and Technological Education.
I'm specially interested in researching learning processes, Communities of Practice, and colaborative learning in Virtual Communities.


I'm developing three wikis...

One, is along with my 8th and 9th grade students -
In this wiki they document their work and comment each others work. Unfortunatelly is in portuguese, but I'm working in its translation into english.

The other, is along with my 10th grade students -
In this wiki, they edit and publish the contents of the issue we are working at that time. They all read what all have written, and they all edit the pages. This is a technical course and the main issue is secretarial matters. It is also in portuguese, but I'm thinking about its translation into englis and spanish as these languages are taught in the course.

Finally, I'm also developing one of my own along with other professors, about Communities of Practice -
This wiki is in portuguese and in english. The mais goal is to structure my thoughts about this issue as I'm a PhD Student.


I'm implementing two blogs:


I've got a page in facebook and I'm a member of many groups, where I participate: in some more actively then others.

Houyhnhnms.tvFacebook and other Web 2.0 Technologies as Learning ToolsSPOONCH!!Social Network Analysis: On-line Roles, Community & Network WeavingCommunities of PracticeAssociation of Internet ResearchersWeb 3.0Observatorio para la CiberSociedade-learning professionalsUsing Wiki in EducationClassroom 2.0Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for EducatorsOpen Source Research on FB for Non Profits with Nancy's Friendse-Learning in Developing and Developed Countries


I'm also a ning member in several ning groups: (in portuguese) (in english) (in english)