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Special Session conducted 4/1/08
Kristin Hokanson: The Connected Classroom
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Overview of Social Bookmarking: What's the Draw
Exploring Diigo
  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Bookmarks
  • List
  • Groups
  • Friends
Some neat features
  • Messaging
  • Post to blog
  • Saving other places /
  • Post to twitter
  • Send via email

Please see

We are implementing a new way of importing delicious (export to browser first then re-import) - it's already in testing and will be released to public very shortly - probably later today or tomorrow. Please stay tuned.

Also, everyone, please notice, this DMS system is a tiered system, so that each message has a thread #, so that you can reply specifically to a particular person/message. clicking the # link, you can also jump to that message easily.

Lisa Thumann

Peggy - The link for the Classroom 2.0 Eluminate session is on their wiki at

Also you can most of the past week's resources about Diigo on my blog at

Lisa Thumann

Peggy - The link for the Classroom 2.0 Eluminate session is on their wiki at

Also you can most of the past week's resources about Diigo on my blog at

I've just set up several of my blogs to do this -- the beauty is that we can now control by tag which blog the link goes to-- this is amazing --

so - If I want it to go a blog I created for kids -- but haven't had time to maintain -- I tag it coolcatkid and BAM! It is blogged in the daily links.

Here is the new delicious import feature:
Notice this great help file

We have just added the link to our HELP file (see bottom)

Please kindly advise who is the creator, so we can give proper credit. Thanks a lot!

Also, any one interested in helping out with refining our help files? It's a wiki platform and we can grant editing right access to those interested helping out. Thanks

Lisa, that is a great idea (hey, i thought you were on west coast time? Up early? ). anyways, I can see it now...a Friend box where you can type in a tag and send bookmarks to friends.

Here's what that suggestion might look like:

and, here's the second suggestion...

Take care,

Miguel Guhlin

here's where i see that improvement happening:

Maggie Tsai

Few recommendations for a step-by-step exploration of diigo (not all at once, but at your own leisure pace):

1) Start using Diigo with the very basic functionalities first -- bookmark and highlight. Why? bookmarking is good, but after you have many bookmarks, you often forget why you bookmark something in the very first place. The ability to be able to highlight and write notes directly to those webpages remind and direct you right away what's important about that page - this is often how many people digest information on traditional paper form. Diigo enables you much better ways to do similar things and much better on webpages as more and more resources are residing on internet now. Also, cache, search, and easy of batch editing, and extracting info are huge features in Diigo!

You may even consider using diigolet first before trying the toolbar.

Advantage of the diigolet is that it can be just simple drag and drop, no installation needed, and it's compatible with all browsers. Once you're familiar with these basic functions, then you can try to explore the Diigo toolbar which is a lot more powerful and fully customizable.

Also, please look at this comment that I shared in another conversation thread:
Understand. Please take a look of this