When people work together, amazing things can happen. These "guest instructors" have made a significant contribution to Open Professional Development. Without the willingness of educators to work together, none of this would be possible.

Guest Instructor
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Dennis Richards
It was a pleasure to work with you! Great service to us all. Thank you.
I am merely a learner.
Kristin Hokanson
The Connected Classroom Blog
The Connected Classroom wiki
The best way for us to learn is by sharing with others. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn with you all.
Brian C. Smith
Streaming Thoughts
We can't teach and learn to the best of our abilities alone, we need discourse, ideas, support and encouragement, OpenPD fits.
Jeff Utecht
The Thinking Stick
We are all merely nodes of information in a global collaborative world.
Scott Weidig
VanishingPoint Blog
What a wonderful group doing amazing things for educators around the world. Think (anythings possible), Do (collaborate and enjoy), Teach (Anyone and everyone who you can.)