Teachers obtaining Jordan School District in-service credit for this class will be required to create a portfolio (either on this wiki or elsewhere) demonstrating competency with many of the tools and techniques we will learn in class.

Competency Benchmarks

Why Social Software in the classroom?
  • Write a brief essay detailing your thoughts about incorporating social software into your curriculum. Please include references to at least three different (3) ways that social software can improve your curriculum and one (1) challenge you perceive in implementing social software into your curriculum.

  • Create a page
  • Link to another page
  • Insert a picture
  • An "About Me" page, for example, would fulfill this requirement perfectly. See this page as an example.

Google Docs
  • Create a Gmail account so you can access Google Docs.
  • Create one of each: Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation.
  • Share one of them with another member of our class using the "Share" tab.
  • Publish one of each kind (Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation). Paste links to your published files onto your wiki portfolio.

  • Visit a few of your favorite educational sites to see if they have an RSS feed.
  • Add at least three different sites to your list of feeds in Google Reader.

  • Read about how some teachers are using Flickr with their students.
  • View some student submitted Flickr assignments. Be sure to click on a few of the photos to view notes written about the math involved.
  • Create a Flickr account.
  • Upload a photo to your account.
  • Add notes.
  • Share a link to your photo on your wiki portfolio.

  • Create a Del.icio.us account.
  • View this podcast (18 minutes) to learn about more ways to use Del.icio.us.
  • Tag one of your favorite educational websites with an openpd tag.

  • Create a blog. You may use Blogger or Edublogs (as well as a number of other blogging platforms) to create your own educational blog (for free). If you are considering having your students blog, you may want to use Class Blogmeister or
  • Post a link to your blog in your wiki portfolio.
  • Visit the blog of at least three other students in our class (you'll find the links by visiting their wiki portfolios). Comment once while visiting.

Social Networking
  • Join at least one of the social networks from the list here.
  • Describe your experience on your wiki portfolio.