11:54 darrendraper : Any of you fine folks wanna join the skype call?
02:55 hockeymom-9246 : Hi, I'll be in and out during this session, in a minute I have to do do the dreaded dissmissal duty.
02:56 robinellis : Ok Nedra that is fine
02:56 jgustin : I am not getting any video Darren is it going?
02:57 darrendraper-1 : Not yet. Video's coming soon.
02:57 darrendraper-1 : Kristin's running the stream today. :)
02:57 jgustin : I don't know if I have anything to contribute but I'll join the Skype call if there is room.
02:57 robinellis : ok Jamie
02:57 mrplough07 : hello from vegas and odyssey charter schools
02:57 jgustin : I don't want to cut out someone else who may know more
02:59 mrplough07 : guess I should set up Skype on my work desktop, would love to participate
02:59 chriswherley : streaming now? yes
02:59 kajigga : I think so.
03:03 robinellis : Kevin I just sent you my contact information for skype to add you to the call
03:03 lindseybp : I've been using diigo since fall 07
03:03 mrmosesdotorg : yes, delicious and zotero
03:04 lindseybp : And del.icio.us since last year
03:04 chriswherley : since nov. delicious, 2weeks with diigo
03:04 lindseybp : Oh and zotero, too
03:04 jgustin : I have used delicious and a local open source solution called scuttle
03:04 chriswherley : tech coordinator from IL
03:04 kajigga : del.ico.us all the time
03:04 darrendraper-1 : I've used delicious for a while now.
03:05 kajigga : linkedin
03:05 kajigga : twitter all the time
03:06 mrplough07-1 : ustream feed on openpd site did not work, had to come straight to Ustream.com
03:06 chriswherley : sounds good
03:07 mrplough07-1 : edcho, duplicating voices
03:07 chriswherley : ie7 and ff and flock toolbar works windows xp
03:08 darrendraper-1 : @mrplough07 Weird and sorry to hear that. Glad you made it here, though. We'll have to put a direct link to this channel on the Get Connected page.
03:10 mrplough07-1 : audio good now
03:12 rmack1272 : what is the presenters account on diigo?
03:12 rmack1272 : would like to look at it
03:12 robinellis : Kristen is logged into her own account @rmack1272
03:13 briancsmith : Hiya folks
03:13 robinellis : Hi Brian
03:13 rmack1272 : what is screen? looking for frineds to follow
03:13 rmack1272 : friends
03:13 mrplough07-1 : http://www.diigo.com/profile/khokanson
03:13 rmack1272 : ty
03:13 robinellis : You are able to add friends to your account
03:15 darrendraper-1 : RSS - So cool.
03:15 kajigga : ditto that!
03:15 rmack1272 : lost audio on RSS
03:16 robinellis : mine went out and is back at that time as well rmack1272
03:17 mrplough07-1 : that article was amazing
03:18 rmack1272 : already have many highlights on pages I visit
03:18 rmack1272 : were they highlighted by others in group?
03:19 mrplough07-1 : some users highlight and save it with diigo community
03:19 robinellis : Yes @rmack1272
03:19 mrplough07-1 : then anyone with diigo account can see
03:19 rmack1272 : wow
03:19 briancsmith : is that strictly for group members or friends?
03:19 robinellis : yes members of a group if shared with the group @briansmith
03:20 mrplough07-1 : you can make highlights private which is for you and who you give the annotated url too
03:20 mrplough07-1 : if switch to groups only members in that group can see
03:20 mrplough07-1 : if save to diigo community then all diigo users can see
03:20 rmack1272 : what about comments? How are they attached?
03:20 mrplough07-1 : as sticky notes, little boxes pop up
03:20 rmack1272 : ty mrplough07-1
03:20 mrplough07-1 : np
03:21 rmack1272 : only to groups also?
03:22 mrplough07-1 : @rmack - yes the comments pop up to whoever you share the page with
03:23 mrplough07-1 : http://youtube.com/watch?v=0RvAkTuL02A
03:23 mrplough07-1 : diigo v3
03:24 briancsmith : Are we creating a new divide with the speed of these tools? Most teahcers are still not ready to dive into blogs & wiki's.
03:24 VanishingPoint : hey all ... dying here :(
03:25 mrplough07-1 : why dying?
03:25 VanishingPoint : very very ill... hit me by noon yest and been down hill since then
03:26 darrendraper-1 : Don't die, Vanishing Point. I'm battling a little cold here too - Dr. said it was bronchitis. :(
03:26 mrplough07-1 : my son has rsv which has bronchitis attributes, definitely going around, sorry vp
03:26 jgustin : @ Brian That is a concern. I think that some things like social bookmarking may strike a chord in a teacher that other tools don't
03:27 jgustin : particularly in districts that lock down computers more than othres
03:27 briancsmith : @jgustin I agree, but Diigo had me stumped at first glance.
03:27 darrendraper-1 : Great question, Brian. I know I can't keep up with it all - and I used to think I was good at keeping up.
03:27 darrendraper-1 : :)
03:27 VanishingPoint : been avoiding the Dr :( battled the "little cold" all last week on spring break... went back yest, and poof yuckville
03:27 mrplough07-1 : @brian isnt that gap unavoidable, between people who are learning new edtech tools and people who arent
03:27 jgustin : For the teacher new to web 2.0 a simpler site might be in order
03:28 darrendraper-1 : Video that explains Diigo in a quick 3 minute nutshell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RvAkTuL02A
03:28 jgustin : How ever some of the social group tools in Diigo are pretty interesting
03:28 rmack1272 : @Brian--I think this is easier then when I had to teache people shared network spaces--which they still don't get
03:29 mrsdurff : Durff is here
03:29 VanishingPoint : I am going to show Diigo to teachers but start just with the bookmarking ... Diigo can be overwhelming...
03:29 briancsmith : @drapper I'm interested in learning what you meant by research and the sidebar.
03:29 rmack1272 : @vanish good point
03:29 VanishingPoint : then into the highlighting...
03:29 VanishingPoint : from there I will go into the social parts.
03:30 briancsmith : I'm not opposed to Diigo, but there's a lot here for a noob to take in. I'm thinking Del.icio.us is Diigo on training wheels
03:30 darrendraper-1 : Well, when I'm in "research mode", mentally, I love having the Diigo sidebar open. That way I can see what other folks are saying about pages, what they've annotated, etc.
03:30 scottmerrick : hey all--recording this pronunciation for @julenr :)
03:30 jgustin : @ vanish you bring up a good point, why show them everything when too much might cause them to choke
03:30 mrplough07-1 : @ brian, very true
03:30 VanishingPoint : Then only thing I don't like about being able to be dragged into the conversations is you do not have a choice... got up yesterday and was involved in 11 convos I wasn't aware of...
03:30 scottmerrick : hope this is archived! ;)
03:30 jgustin : @scott Kristin is recording it and we will archive it here
03:31 darrendraper-1 : @vanishingpoint I'm with you on that. I don't like being dragged into a conversation. I also don't like all of the email it sends you.
03:31 robinellis : Yes Scott it will be
03:31 mrsdurff : so vanishingpoint who are you so we can talk about you?
03:31 mrplough07-1 : @dd- another beta prob, I adjusted my email settings now dont get any from them
03:31 mrsdurff : let's all drag darren into every convo
03:31 mrplough07-1 : even though chose to get updated regularly
03:31 darrendraper-1 : I fixed the email problem though. I told Diigo that my email address was Shareski's email address. Now he gets my Diigo spam. :)
03:31 VanishingPoint : @mrsdurff Scott Weidig TC in Illinois. http://vanishingpoint.edublogs.org
03:31 briancsmith : @VanishingPoint Yeah, that concerns me... is there a way to moderate/toggle the new conversations?
03:32 darrendraper-1 : Juuuuuuust kidding.
03:32 mrsdurff : well hi scott
03:32 metaweb : digo diigo ... hola
03:32 VanishingPoint : @briancsmith you can "prevent" email messaging ut not being dragged into convos.
03:32 VanishingPoint : Hi @mrsdurff :)
03:33 scottmerrick : howdy MsD :)
03:33 mrsdurff : can i download delicious to diigo?
03:33 briancsmith : @mrsdurff yes
03:33 mrsdurff : cool - msybr this weekend
03:33 mrsdurff : maybe
03:33 mrsdurff : amen to that
03:34 VanishingPoint : @mrsdurff go to tools in Diigo, and look at import to import, and look at save elsewhere to like your Diigo to your delicious acct to cross post
03:34 mrsdurff : i would likee that
03:34 robinellis : Brian is this what you were referring to earlier?
03:34 mrsdurff : i can't type
03:34 metaweb : I am here to find out why I should use Diigo and perhaps not delicious
03:34 mrsdurff : third grade was in rare form
03:35 rmack1272 : @metaweb diigo much more robust
03:35 mrsdurff : i want to use both quickly and effectively
03:35 briancsmith : I wondering if there is a way to not get into all the conversations regarding all the sites I visit.
03:35 metaweb : robust is what way?
03:35 VanishingPoint : @jgustin my teachers get easily overwhelmed... so this way I can to 15-20 min quick hit sessions building on ONE tool, not 3 different tools.
03:35 rmack1272 : much more there
03:35 mrsdurff : can't you just delete?
03:35 metaweb : sometimes robust isn't what people want tho
03:35 rmack1272 : puts more social tools needed to share in place
03:36 metaweb : ok -- gonna watch along
03:36 scottmerrick : lol @briancsmith--good description
03:36 VanishingPoint : @metaweb exactly, but I would caution against limiting them with a porential different tool...
03:36 mrplough07-1 : has anyone created a diigo url for an annotated page, and sent that to a non diigo user, and found out whether or not they can see your annotations?
03:36 metaweb : the 1st thing that I found difficult in Diigo is creating a network, in delicious easy to see who your friends are following
03:37 mrplough07-1 : @metaweb, you can see all of a persons friends with one click on their pic
03:37 metaweb : ok
03:38 mrplough07-1 : I posted it in the user forum in diigo but havent got any feedback on that yet
03:38 mrsdurff : it was a speedy bandwagon
03:39 briancsmith : It's "super del.icio.us"
03:39 mrsdurff : isn't there an add-on for FF?
03:39 rmack1272 : @mrsduff yes
03:39 briancsmith : absolutely, but I'd be weary of using this one right off the bat.
03:39 scottmerrick : uh-uh, no toe dipping analogy!
03:39 mrplough07-1 : @scott - lol\
03:40 scottmerrick : more like 'dipping your brain'
03:40 briancsmith : It brings in all the other tools, but if a noob doesn't have all those tools is it really necessary?
03:40 mrsdurff : dipping your brain - what a good metaphor
03:40 briancsmith : I've been surprised by the response from something as simple as Del.icio.us
03:40 * scottmerrick notes Will Richardson on "conversation about conversations" recently
03:41 VanishingPoint : @briancsmith no, but it would be nice to see a version that you can expand by choice. I know that Diigo based on Sunday's elluminate session will be looking into an ed specific version... maybe we could request that ... turn on/off features
03:42 mrplough07-1 : Is there a way to mass remove 'shared bookmarks' when dont want to read them
03:42 mrsdurff : delete?
03:43 mrplough07-1 : looks like you have to click on each shared bookmark by saying 'thanks' or 'quick save'
03:43 mrsdurff : hope this is recorded
03:43 scottmerrick : like a "mark as read" mass selection tool?
03:43 mrsdurff : people talking loudly around me
03:44 mrplough07-1 : @scott; exactly
03:44 metaweb : @mrplough07-1 I just clicked on my profile pic and nada ... can you be more specific on how to facilitate adding people to diigo network
03:44 metaweb : .. or perhaps they can demonstrate adding person B's freinds to your own Diigo network
03:44 mrplough07-1 : @metaweb- referring to following the friends of those that follow you, if you click on one of your friends, you can see all of their friends on one screen
03:45 mrsdurff : why is Diigo more valuable than delicious?
03:45 jgustin : @ durff I think it is being recorded
03:45 chriswherley : i think it is valuable to be able to share with groups. If I could get my teachers to utilize groups only within our school. Then I could share BMs with them easier.
03:45 mrplough07-1 : @metaweb- well, not one screen, but a long list
03:46 mrsdurff : so a school would have a group on Diigo?
03:46 robinellis : they could Durff
03:46 chriswherley : delicious I can share as well, but just seems like I am sharing to individuals
03:46 mrsdurff : so how would i set that up?
03:47 mrsdurff : i hate email
03:47 chriswherley : when emailing then they need a place to store them
03:48 chriswherley : also when using groups. If I create a group, share BMs. As teachers join, the group BMs will be there for them.
03:48 VanishingPoint : @mrplough07-1 Look here: http://www.diigo.com/friends/vanishingpoint you should see on the right of each user, a "Friend Request"
03:49 mrplough07-1 : @mrsdurff- you can create a group and send out invitations to your teachers/students and those are the only people can join
03:49 mrsdurff : thinking ahead to next school year for that
03:50 VanishingPoint : @ddraper get to the TC of the district or building. and have them add it. I did that for delicious this year, and plan on adding newsgator and diigo next year
03:50 mrplough07 : @vanishingpoint- thanks, I was trying to walk metaweb through how to do that
03:50 mrsdurff : scott was it valuable to the community in your school?
03:50 VanishingPoint : hehe... fuzzy head
ww.zoho.com aahmazing!
04:03 jgustin : Bye Scott
04:03 mrsdurff : writing it dcown for the wkend
04:03 darrendraper-1 : See you later, Scott.
04:03 VanishingPoint : @mrsdurff... you'll need a week :)
04:03 jeffmason : Are your groups established by email invite or can you find current diigo users in diigo and add them? (kinda' like follow in twitter)
04:03 briancsmith : gotta go folks! Thanks for the conversation.
04:03 VanishingPoint : @jeffmason all of the above
04:03 VanishingPoint : Take care brian
04:04 jgustin : bye Brian
04:04 mrsdurff : a week to write it down? you most know me rather well then
04:04 VanishingPoint : lol
04:04 mrplough07 : @kristin- can you demonstrate the 'twitter this' function
04:04 metaweb : let's watch twitter all day .....
04:04 mrplough07 : I tried it once and didnt get it to go through
04:05 mrsdurff : i started kids in google docs and liked the zoho better but it was the middle of the yr
04:05 VanishingPoint : @mrplough-07 sometimes it takes quite a bit of time.
04:05 mrplough07 : a couple days?
04:05 mrplough07 : lol
04:05 VanishingPoint : Cory that is how I shared the link about the initial blog tools you commented back to me on
04:05 mrplough07 : twitter this function
04:06 mrsdurff : mmm - what's for dinner?
04:06 metaweb : I need to use Diigo more
04:06 jeffmason : could this be blocked by a school filtering system?
04:06 mrsdurff : It's Elementary has been using it
04:06 metaweb : the summary prompted me to try it .. that we can get into discussions not just stay on the surface
04:07 mrsdurff : and Making Connections
04:07 mrplough07 : @kristin @robin - can you please walk through TWITTER THIS function
04:07 jgustin : @ jeff I'm sure it could
04:07 hockeymom-9246 : @jeff it's not at my school but delicous is
04:07 VanishingPoint : @mrplough-07 check now...
04:07 mrsdurff : where?
04:08 mrsdurff : on the wiki - great!
04:08 metaweb : I just searched Diigo groups for "authentic learning" .. but didnt see anyting .. what is the URL
04:08 VanishingPoint : @mrplough I just got the twit I sent from diigo
04:08 jeffmason : I think this violates my district's AUP for online app
04:08 VanishingPoint : @jeffmason why?
04:08 mrplough07 : @ vanish, just checked archive and it never went through, Im wondering if I did anything wrong
04:09 mrsdurff : is that on the homepage?
04:09 robinellis-1 : Durff are you talking about openpd wiki?
04:09 mrplough07 : @vanishpoint - just got your tweet about openpd
04:09 VanishingPoint : Try doing it again and be sure you heck the twitter box... then try the save and sed function
04:09 mrsdurff : yes robin - not where?
04:09 VanishingPoint : grrr. save and send
04:09 jeffmason : just conservative aup no google docs, vthread, etc
04:10 robinellis-1 : it is a link on the left at the bottom of the navigation we will be moving it to the social networking page later
04:10 VanishingPoint : @jeffmason that is one you need to go to bat against. your dist is cussing off all 21st c skills
04:10 robinellis-1 : @Durff under Discussions now
04:10 jgustin : @ Jeff Wow that is disappointing. Most AUPs are less specific than that
04:10 mrsdurff : k robin
04:11 VanishingPoint : er cutting
04:11 VanishingPoint : @mrplough just got your tweet via diigo
04:11 mrsdurff : thank you kristen
04:11 jeffmason : thanks
04:11 darrendraper-1 : Thanks all!
04:11 hockeymom-9246 : Thank you
04:11 metaweb : thanks
04:11 VanishingPoint : THanks Kristin!
04:11 mrplough07 : @vp- awesome
04:11 mrplough07 : thanks kristin
04:11 lindseybp-1 : Thank you all very much. And thanks for recording this as well.
04:11 mrsdurff : bye everyone and thank you
04:11 VanishingPoint : Have a great one all!
04:12 mrplough07 : bye bye y'all, back again tomorrow
04:12 VanishingPoint : I will be back for OpenPD tomorrow, pending death ;)