Instructions for working on a wiki spaces page

Settings for your wiki space

When you are on your wiki and logged in you can adjust the settings of your wiki.

In the upper left section of the wiki their are some management options.

Create a new page
  1. The New Page link will open a page or a pop up that asks what you want to name of the page to be.
  2. Type the name of the page and the URL or web address will automatically be added for you to see.
  3. Clicking Create will create a new wiki page and open it for editing.
  4. Type some content on the page.
  5. Click Save and the new content will be saved.

View recent changes to your space.
  1. Click the Recent Changes link to view all changes on your wiki space and who made them.

Open or protect your page
  1. Click the Manage Space link to open a page that has many options.
  2. Click the Members and Permissions options.
  3. Choose either Public, Protected or Private depending on who you want to get access to the wiki. For Open PD your permissions will probably need to be public.

Allowing or restricting discussion on your space
  1. Click the Manage Space link to open a page that has many options.
  2. Click the Members and Permissions options.
  3. Place a check in the checkbox next to the statement Allow message posts from non-members. To restrict discussion remove the check from the check box.

Editing pages

  1. To edit pages on wiki spaces, you open the page and click the button labeled Edit this Page.
  2. Type the content that you want to add, or change the content that you want to change.
  3. Click the button labeled Save.

Leaving comments on a wiki

  1. On the page you want to comment on, click the tab at the top of the page labeled Discussion.
  2. Type a short title in the Subject field that describes the focus of your comment.
  3. Type your text in the Message field.
  4. Click the Post button.

Replying to a discussion message

  1. Click the Discussion tab to view all messages
  2. Click on the subject of the message to read the message and all replies
  3. Under the message and all responses, there will be a new message with the subject line filled out.
  4. Type your reply in the Message field and then click the Post button.

Embedding a Video or Widget
  1. Find a video or widget that you want to embed on your wiki.
  2. Find the square that says "Embed code" or sometimes simply "Embed."
  3. Youtube users should click the word "Customize" above the right corner of the embed code box.
  4. When the embed options for the Youtube video open select "do not show related videos."
  5. Click the word "Customize" again.
  6. When the customize option is retracted, then click in the embed code box. That will highlight thte embed code.
  7. Right-click the highlighted text to copy it.
  8. Open your wiki and click "Edit this page."
  9. Move your blinking cursor (Insertion point) to the place where you want the video or widget.
  10. Look at the editing bar and click the button that looks like a TV.
  11. Choose the type of widget Video, etc. and then choose the site or type of widget.
  12. That will bring a page to paste the embed code into.
  13. click save
  14. Save the page and check out your widget.