1. I watched the video Shift Happens and listened to various responses world wide
  2. I' am feeling overwhelmed with the concept of keeping up with my students
  3. I now know I am not alone with my fears of being overwhelmed
  4. I listened to some good suggestions on how to overcome my fears
  5. I especially liked the ideas of creating an assignment, rubric and setting the students free to design their own project.
  6. From this project, I will be learning too
  7. I need to get over the idea that I know it all
  8. Technology is the future, I need to get on the technology train and get with it.
  9. I need to address my fears of "hurting the computer" or loosing all my documents
  10. I need to feel successful with my computer skills and not so intimidated.
  11. Differentiation can be the key to step up this type of learning. I certainly have students who would benefit from this type of learning.
  12. I need more information about Skype--I didn't get it this time