I finally figured out how to get to this page. Not that I didn't put my reflection off until today. So hopefully I did this right.
I am not sure how I got here though.
So class last week and my thoughts on technology. I am excited to try and figure out how to use some of this in my classroom.
Technology though. I am not sold on technology completely, sometimes I feel it is too easy to tune out of the reality around
you. At the same time it can expand your world. The fact that we were having dialogue with teachers in other countries
was pretty cool. I don't always feel I have the time for technology. Maybe it is because I am so cheap and still have dial up
and at age 40 only got a cellphone because my mother sent me one so I would call her more often.

In class I was having a
hard time going between the dialogue being typed and the verbal dialogue. Must not be too good at multitasking.
I suppose it is like anything the more you practice the better you get. I would rather be outside running, or hiking and without
my cellphone or ipod. I also like seeing who I talk to. I am not much for talking on the phone. Maybe there needs to be more
etiquette about technology and time and place. I guess I see technology as an acceptable way to be rude. Answering your
phone while you are getting checked out in the grocery store or walking down the aisle. Texting while you drive or in a meeting.
Maybe I don't give people credit for being that good at multi-tasking. When you drive and talk on the phone you have worse
reflexes than a drunk or 90 year old.

But who could live without the convenience of the internet and googling. When would I talk to someone teaching in Australia?
So I am conflicted. Well I am hitting a wall. So see you tonight.
Eileen Struna